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What is a Digital Experience
Analytics platform?

The smart way to tell what your customers truly need to convert.

Record, measure, and quantify customer experiences to uncover untapped conversion opportunities and drive revenue growth through actionable insights.

What is Digital Experience Analytics

Benefits of Digital Experience Analytics

Instant analytical value with tagless
autocapture of data

Traditional analytics tools require manual instrumentation. You have to tag everything you think is part of the successful user journey - and sometimes, you may be wrong. With tagless autocapture, a digital experience analytics solution measures every journey step you may be interested in to prove an optimization hypothesis.

Capable of answering complex customer
experience questions 

Product and web analytics provide data on abandoned carts or failed purchases but can’t show why they happened in the first place. A comprehensive DXA solution combines quantitative and qualitative data to show you the reasons and the scale behind missed conversion opportunities. Add AI to the mix and you get ready-to-implement insights.

Designed to improve customer journeys
and conversion rates

Digital experience analytics platforms are focused on one thing - optimizing conversion rate at every stage and scale of your business. From analyzing a single customer session to isolating segments of many and comparing their conversion progress in detailed funnels, a DXA solution paints the whole picture and helps you stay on top of your data with insights you can actually pass to your UX designers and developers.

Cross-functional usage that boosts
organizational efficiency

CROs get conversion rate optimization tips served on a silver platter, ready to be implemented for an instant bump in the bottom line. E-commerce managers see the actual e-shop performance with all the customer pain points and missed opportunities - so they can address them with strategy. Product teams get instant bug reproduction and scale of the issues so no time is wasted.

The technology behind a DXA platform:

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The technology behind a DXA platform:

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Use cases

Who can use AI-enhanced Digital Experience Analytics solutions?

The whole organization can take advantage of the insights brought to the table by digital experience analytics . They can be invaluable for jumpstarting user experience research and optimizations.

Cross-functional collaboration is easier and more efficient, so is getting the necessary buy-in to start driving growth and revenue. Everyone - from developers to the C-suite, will find value in getting comprehensive behavioral insights backed up by specific session replays and traditional quantitative analytics.

Marketing & Sales Teams

Boost sales and revenue, continually


Strategic decisions made easy

Product & Support Teams

Instant bug reproduction & support resolution

Case Study: Metrilo

Metrilo’s marketing platform fosters customer success with SessionStack
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Digital Experience Analytics FAQ

DXA tools often deliver the data but fall short of defining the actual valuable insights within, leaving you with tons of raw data that needs to be processed. Generative AI can do the heavy lifting for you by extracting the insights and aggregating them into actionable CRO tips.

Digital Experience Analytics tools combine qualitative and quantitative data that helps you understand the entire user journey and improve it continuously.

Digital Analytics platforms may include various tools such as Session Replay, Co-browsing, Segments, Funnels, and Dev Tools.

Digital Analytics are useful to a variety of departments and positions, including the C-suite, Product Managers, Customer Success, product development, sales and marketing.

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