Reproducing production problems is no longer the result of guesswork

There are loads of crash reporting and JavaScript error logging tools out there. None of them however can provide the full context to help you replicate issues. You’ll get the error message, call stack and user environment details yet this won’t really help you recreate what the user actually did.

bug fix

Knowing what steps the user took to get the error would really help build the full picture.

Fill in the gaps with SessionStack to speed up bug fixes and focus on what you do best: coding. We’ll be continuously recording user behavior in the background while your web app is running. When your application crashes SessionStack will immediately notify you. Along with the stack traces of JavaScript errors, details of failed network requests and debug messages you’ll get a recording of the user session that led to the error.

SessionStack error log

And you don’t need to watch it all. Choose to play only that part of the log that you need.

Report a problem UI

Alternatively, by leveraging our JavaScript API you can arm up your end users to proactively record and report errors they come across when browsing your web app. SessionStack will save you ton of time resolving defects.

Use SessionStack together with your favorite error logging tool. We play nicely with:

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Help support team resolve user issues faster

You know it all too well: user complains >> tech support struggles to troubleshoot the problem >> it all hits back at you at a time when you’re focused on building new features. Needless to say, the user is already upset and tech support – frustrated.

tech support

Why don’t you close the user-support-developer communication loop faster? Tech support will be forever grateful! Easily integrate SessionStack with your live chat platform and enable tech support to quickly solve user problems. Along with the user session recording they’ll get a ton of useful tech details like browser and device info, failed requests, error messages and the like which will help them replicate the user environment.

Stop asking end users for more details. See it exactly as it happened + get a detailed log.

Plug SessionStack into you live chat tools. We play nicely with:

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Collect real user feedback

Constructing user journeys and conducting usability research before launching a new product or even feature have become the standard nowadays. Unfortunately, the majority of the available solutions are feature-heavy platforms offering all the tools you could possibly think of to measure usage of a web page.

User Experience analysis with SessionStack

SessionStack captures every user click, swipe, zoom as well as page transitions.

What if you just want to have a look at how a particular new feature is used? Or check if there are any UX issues or even design rendering glitches?

Use the SessionStack timeline to replay specific user actions and detect UX problems early on. Mark down certain moments from the user session to analyze how a particular feature was used.

Use SessionStack with your Analytics solutions. We play nicely with:

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