Don’t waste your customers’ time with remote desktop.
See user issues and help them real-time.

Running a support team can be a nightmare: always on the front line, facing the wrath of customers whenever there’s a crisis. Excellent customer support is a key ingredient for business success, and top management knows it well: that’s why customer success teams are always in the spotlight.

The Problem

Meeting your performance KPIs is impossible due to:

  • Dev-support teamwork is inefficient. Clients complain
  • Resolution rate is always below the target
  • Live chat doesn’t help users real-time as the problem is complex
  • Steep churn rate due to bad customer service

A common scenario: a customer runs into an issue while struggling with the poor product UX >> support team is unable to troubleshoot the problem >> developer help is needed at a time when they’re focused on a new release. By that time, the user is already upset and support reps – frustrated.

The Solution

Close the user-support-developer loop faster and improve customer issue resolution and satisfaction. Support teams use SessionStack to monitor user issues real-time or on-demand while discussing the problem with the client who’s experiencing it. On top, it can all be easily shared with the development team if a bug or a poor UX issue is uncovered.

SessionStack helps you:

  • Speed up support turnaround time by fixing issue live
  • Improve the rate of resolved customer issues
  • Spend less time involving developers to reproduce an issue
  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn

Improve customer success. Turn your reps into an all-star customer support team.

Better together:

SessionStack and Live chat tools

For even more powerful results, combine SessionStack with your live chat tool to solve user problems real-time. Along with the user session recording, they’ll get a ton of useful tech details like browser and device info, failed requests, error messages which will help them replicate the issue the client ran into.

Customer corner

Leading organizations rely on us to minimize time and resources spent on issue reproduction and bug fixing:

Mend uses SessionStack in a HIPAA-compliant healthcare environment to resolve customer issues

Mend’s customer support team relies on live and recorded sessions to diagnose, document and address issues that their customers experience.

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SketchDeck ensure excellent customer support with SessionStack

See how the SketchDeck team leveraged SessionStack to gain a much better perspective and insight in identifying the root cause of customer issues.

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Matt McBride

CEO, MendFamily

SessionStack helps us troubleshoot tech support issues faster and gather real user data to improve our product instead of relying on gut feeling and risky assumptions.

Emil Simeonov

Head of Information Management, BULPROS

Resolving defects is now much faster and requires less effort. Our developers don’t need to go into lengthy conversations with customers to understand the problems they experienced.

Elad Hirsch

Developer Team Lead, IDI Insurance

With SessionStack, customer communication and support became real-time and more efficient. The tool’s ability to accurately reproduce the issues clients run into, is helping us resolve customer complaints at once.

Bug Fixing

100% Accurate Issue Reproduction

Achieving software quality is time and resource intensive. Development managers are balancing between timely releases and quality of the product shipped. Reproducing issues is unreliable yet production bugs are very pricey and directly impact the organization’s bottom-line.

The Problem

Error tracking tools don’t help you build the full context of how an issue occurred. You get the error message, stack trace and user details yet this won’t help you replicate the user actions. Oftentimes, the issue is a result of poor UX or unexpected user behavior rather than a hardcore error.

Product issues are a huge waste of developer time and lead to:

  • Delayed releases due to bug reproduction and support
  • Management nagging for a solution to be found
  • Tons of time spent on support team and customers
  • Low team morale

The Solution

Let SessionStack do the dirty work while you focus on delivering new features faster.

SessionStack will help your dev team:

  • Reliably reproduce issues, 100% of the time
  • Spend less time on issue reproduction and fixing
  • Free up resources for new feature development
  • Minimize dev-support communication
  • Improve reporting and make management happy

SessionStack will immediately alert you to help you eliminate critical errors at once

Along with the stack traces of JavaScript errors, failed network requests and debug messages, you’ll get a recording of the user session that led to the error. Even when there are no errors, SessionStack helps you trace back every moment of user activity in order to investigate and resolve tickets faster.

There’s no such thing as unreproducible bugs. Now ship quality products faster.

Customer corner

Leading organizations rely on us to minimize time and resources spent on issue reproduction and bug fixing:

BulPros speed up issue resolution and reduce time spent on support

Bulpros enabled their end to proactively report errors they run into when browsing. SessionStack saved them a ton of time resolving defects and facilitated a collaborative approach to issue reporting.

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The UX-focused startup improved the reliability of reproducing errors by combining the power of error tracking with accurate session replay.

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David Mack

Co-founder and CTO, SketchDeck

SessionStack helps us replicate all kind of problems users run into with confidence and efficiency rather than asking customers to collaborate in order to solve their problem.

Wilfried Durand


Reproducing a bug is not an easy task. With the Sentry + SessionStack integration, we can simply replay a session for a given client-side or server-side bug right from the point of impact without leaving the Sentry interface.

Hemant Kumar

Co-founder and CEO, WhatTheBus

Getting to know how users interact with the product real-time not only helped proactively fix bugs but it also boosted incremental improvements in the product.

Product Success

Drive product success, adoption, and user experience

Product managers are responsible for all aspects of product success: from development to quality assurance to user experience and on-boarding and customer support.

The Problem

Getting all these teams to work in sync in order to drive product success is no piece of cake:

  • Releases are never on time: too much resource is spent on bug reproduction
  • Inefficiencies plague the dev-support collaboration on customer issues
  • Management is concerned critical issues are not addressed on time
  • Sales team complains the poor product quality harms their ability to close deals
  • Competitors easily steal customers as your team can’t deliver on promised functionality
  • Lack of clarity whether the product is providing the expected customer value

The Solution

Product managers need a way to drive product quality and success. SessionStack helps you:

  • Empower dev team to reproduce defects faster by showing what happened to the user
  • Eliminate collaboration hurdles by enabling support to help users real-time
  • Instantly catch and resolve business-critical issues with email notifications that sound the alarm
  • Improve transparency and earn management’s approval with easy to digest reports
  • Analyze how clients are using new features. Spot usability issues at once
  • Find out if your product meets customer functional and usability expectations
  • Stop wasting customers’ time with remote desktop. Help users real-time instead

Drive product success by keeping up top product quality.

Customer corner

Leading organizations rely on us to minimize time and resources spent on issue reproduction and bug fixing:

BitNinja’s full-stack server security suite boosts customer on-boarding

Leverage SessionStack to analyze user behavior and the effect of new features on UX, customer on-boarding and stickiness after each product release.

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Boglarka Angalet


SessionStack offers an accurate, reliable and detailed picture of customer on-boarding and user behavior inside the BitNinja suite. It helped us build a feedback channel to our product team about the success of new features.

Antonio Acevedo

Software Engineer, DelSuper

We use SessionStack to understand the real problems our customers run into. Thanks to SessionStack, we’ve improved significantly the user experience of our website.

Murry Ivanoff

CEO, Metrilo

SessionStack helps us see and analyze the various paths users take to explore our Marketing Automation Platform. Using SessionStack, we can help onboard customers quicker and more successfully than before.

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