Drive product success, adoption and user experience

Get comprehensive, actionable insights into your users’ journey within your app or website to help you drive product quality and adoption, and optimize user experience.


Increase user adoption

  • Understand product use patterns
    Our high-definition session replay helps you see how users interact with your app to identify typical user flows.
  • Back roadmap decisions with data
    Get an accurate insight into feature adoption and measure the performance of new rollouts.
  • Pinpoint user workflows that cause frustration
    Surface potential areas of friction that might be triggering user abandonment.

Keep customers coming back to your app

  • Identify and prioritize product issues
    Enable your team to see at a glance and analyze the severity of spiking product problems to be able to prioritize and resolve them with confidence.
  • Understand the causes of user abandonment
    SessionStack helps you explain what triggers users to abandon certain features and workflows within your app and website, empowering you to chart a course of action to reduce the rate.
  • Reduce internal back-and-forth on customer requests
    SessionStack helps you shorten the communication loop between support and engineering, facilitating smooth customer request escalation and faster resolution times.
  • Stay on top of important events
    Be the first to know when an important issue occurs. SessionStack helps you quickly analyze the severity of the problem as well as identify the impacted customers.

Customer privacy is a top priority

  • Control the user data you gather
    Protect your customers’ privacy by disabling the ability to store personal information. Sensitive data like passwords, credit card and bank details never leaves the user’s browser.
  • On-premises deployment
    Process and store data on your own servers! Self-hosting is a great option for companies seeking to comply with HIPAA or other industry standards. Learn more

Add SessionStack to your product team’s toolbox

Easily plug SessionStack into your team’s processes and tools. From product analytics to error tracking and helpdesk platforms, SessionStack smoothly integrates to help your team get richer insights and make data-driven decisions. See our integrations.

Customer stories

Product teams like yours trust SessionStack to analyze user interactions with their app, validate fixes and measure the impact of new features.


Bazaarvoice ensure smooth user experience and new feature adoption with SessionStack

Learn how Bazaarvoice, a digital marketing platform, migrated over 6,000 customers across 6 continents to SSO accounts in just 3 weeks relying on SessionStack’s product analytics insights and real-time UX data.

Read their story

David Mack

Co-founder and CTO, Sketchdeck

SessionStack offers an accurate, reliable and detailed picture of customer on-boarding, as well as the entire user experience inside the Sketchdeck platform. It helped us build a feedback channel to our product team about the success of new features.


Will Lowrey

Director of Product Management, Bazaarvoice

We use SessionStack to watch the users’ on-screen journey and see where they click, how many times they try something, and how exactly they run into errors, which helps us derive some valuable insights which inform areas for improvement. We’ve significantly enhanced the user experience within our platform, which helped us improve the customer conversion rate.


Matt McBride

CEO, Mend

SessionStack helps us see and analyze the various paths users take to explore our telehealth platform. Using SessionStack, we gather real user data to improve our product instead of relying on gut feeling and risky assumptions.

SketchDeck-l BazaarVoice-l Mend-l

Quickly surface product problems and prioritize new features.

Bug Fixing

100% Accurate Issue Reproduction


Achieving software quality is time and resource intensive. Development managers are balancing between timely releases and quality of the product shipped. Reproducing issues is unreliable yet production bugs are very pricey and directly impact the organization’s bottom-line.

The Problem

Error tracking tools don’t help you build the full context of how an issue occurred. You get the error message, stack trace and user details yet this won’t help you replicate the user actions. Oftentimes, the issue is a result of poor UX or unexpected user behavior rather than a hardcore error.

Product issues are a huge waste of developer time and lead to:

  • Delayed releases due to bug reproduction and support
  • Management nagging for a solution to be found
  • Tons of time spent on support team and customers
  • Low team morale

The Solution

Let SessionStack do the dirty work while you focus on delivering new features faster.

SessionStack will help your dev team:

  • Reliably reproduce issues, 100% of the time
  • Spend less time on issue reproduction and fixing
  • Free up resources for new feature development
  • Minimize dev-support communication
  • Improve reporting and make management happy

SessionStack will immediately alert you to help you eliminate critical errors at once

Along with the stack traces of JavaScript errors, failed network requests and debug messages, you’ll get a recording of the user session that led to the error. Even when there are no errors, SessionStack helps you trace back every moment of user activity in order to investigate and resolve tickets faster.

There’s no such thing as unreproducible bugs. Now ship quality products faster.

Customer corner

Leading organizations rely on us to minimize time and resources spent on issue reproduction and bug fixing:


BulPros speed up issue resolution and reduce time spent on support

Bulpros enabled their end to proactively report errors they run into when browsing. SessionStack saved them a ton of time resolving defects and facilitated a collaborative approach to issue reporting.

Read their story
onvey-logo advanced issue reproduction with Sentry + SessionStack

The UX-focused startup improved the reliability of reproducing errors by combining the power of error tracking with accurate session replay.

Read their story

David Mack

Co-founder and CTO, SketchDeck

SessionStack helps us replicate all kind of problems users run into with confidence and efficiency rather than asking customers to collaborate in order to solve their problem.


Wilfried Durand


Reproducing a bug is not an easy task. With the Sentry + SessionStack integration, we can simply replay a session for a given client-side or server-side bug right from the point of impact without leaving the Sentry interface.


Hemant Kumar

Co-founder and CEO, WhatTheBus

Getting to know how users interact with the product real-time not only helped proactively fix bugs but it also boosted incremental improvements in the product.

Sketch-l Onvey-l WTB-l

All features. No credit card required.

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View the problem behind every support request

See everything that happened to the customer as a video. No need to ask users for screenshots or more details ever again. Speed up handling time and improve retention.


Help customers in real time

  • Improve your first touch resolution rate
    Co-browse with customers to help them. Join the live session, and use the Live Support Toolkit to guide the client and take control to resolve the issue on the spot.
  • Ensure customer success
    Follow the user onboarding process in real-time and jump in to help when needed. Transform first-time users into loyal customers.
  • Efficiently scale your team
    SessionStack empowers agents’ productivity, helping you sustain quality service without the need to exponentially grow the support organization.

Resolve support requests faster

  • See what the customer did
    Replay everything the customer did within your product with a pixel-perfect quality. Robust session recording and playback help you investigate and solve customer requests with confidence.
  • Reduce ticket resolution time
    Cut the back-and-forth with customers. Easily hook SessionStack to your help desk to see the recorded sessions next to the customer’s ticket.
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Reduce churn by offering premium service. Increase customer retention rates and turn customer service into a profit center rather than a cost pool.

Get tech help with tricky tickets

  • Optimize the communication loop with engineers
    User sessions come complete with a tech log that gives developers the context they need to investigate, reproduce and solve an issue. No need to ask for screenshots or more details.
  • Proactively help customers
    When a critical problem occurs, developers are alerted and can analyze the severity of the issue, and identify the impacted customers. Resolve customer issues before they even notice them.

Add SessionStack to your support team’s toolbox

Easily plug SessionStack into your team’s processes and tools. From error tracking to live chat solutions and helpdesk platforms, SessionStack smoothly integrates to help your customer support team expedite tickets and reduce back-and-forth without imposing changes to your workflow. See our integrations.

Customer stories

Customer service teams like yours trust SessionStack to view and understand the reason behind every support request, and help customers in real-time.


Sketchdeck ensure high customer satisfaction with SessionStack

See how software engineers and customer service agents at Sketchdeck have joined forces to identify and quickly resolve customer struggles, resulting in improved ticket response time and better customer loyalty.

Read their story

Elad Hirsch

IDI Insurance

With SessionStack, customer communication and support became real-time and more efficient. The tool’s ability to accurately reproduce the issues clients run into, is helping us resolve customer complaints at once.


Justin Grimm


Our goal is to offer the best customer service in the industry. Providing quality and timely support on both desktop and mobile was not an easy goal to achieve. In SessionStack, we found a solution that allows us to see customer issues and get them resolved quickly.

IDI-l Projul-l

Never ask for screenshots or more details again.