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5-star session replays – now with AI insights

What’s included?

Session Replay by SessionStack
Co-browsing by SessionStack
Product Analytics by SessionStack

What’s included?

SessionStack records the entire user session and reproduces it in a pixel-perfect session replay – no need for manual tagging. Lightweight deployment with no impact on your product. Built with privacy in mind.

SessionStack just got its own integrated generative AI capability that will condense even the longest session replays into short summaries. Now, you can have complete visibility of your users’ experiences in less time, paired with recommendations on how to improve the user journey. 

Watch sessions live to assist your customers in real time during support ticket resolution. Or replay them later to discover the user experience in vivid detail. Recordings can also be shared to assist cross-functional collaboration. 

Robust user segmentation, low-latency co-browsing, easy-to-build funnels, error tracking & more.

SessionStackAI is currently available only to high-traffic e-commerce businesses as a paid pilot service with free trial period.
We are working hard to bring the technology to more businesses in the upcoming year!

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