SessionStack G2 Summer 2023
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What’s included?

User Segmentation by SessionStack
User Segmentation by SessionStack
Funnels by SessionStack
Session Replay by SessionStack

What’s included?

Find your user sessions listed in chronological order. Three types of filtering are available to you in the segments dashboard: User, Session, and Events. Creating segments allows you to take a deep dive into user behaviors based on common attributes.

A quick look at the Users & Sessions Trends dashboards gives you an overview of what’s happening in your product or website. Spot problematic areas with behavioral customer segmentation: the Rage Clicks and Dead Clicks Trends dashboards help you remove frustration points before they become bottlenecks

Identify drop-off points in user journeys, track conversions, spot opportunities for optimization, and measure the stickiness of new features. With SessionStack’s tagless autocapture, building funnels is easy – and works even retroactively. You can also use your saved segments in the Funnels dashboard.

AI-augmented session replay, low-latency co-browsing, error tracking & more.

Our Forever Free plan includes all product capabilities and 1500 sessions per month.
Paid plans with more sessions begin from $71/month. You can upgrade or downgrade anytime.

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