Arm your team with DXA
to achieve product-led growth

Digital Experience Analytics for product managers.

See what SessionStackAI can do for your business

No more assumptions on product usage

From replaying a single user session to analyzing segment trends and user flows, with SessionStack, you get a clear picture of product discovery and usage at any scale. No need for user surveys and guesstimations on your next steps.

Build your product strategy with confidence

All conversion opportunities and usage insights are clearly visible to the whole team. You can validate your growth ideas, estimate the impact of new releases and confidently build your product strategy backed by undisputable qualitative data.

Enhance your product team efficiency

Understand what bugs block your engineering team from releasing new features. Increase efficiency of customer support. Align all UX designers, developers, and support people using the same platform as a data source on user experience.

Shape a great UX and expand your user base

Building a well-thought user experience based on a validated product strategy is the fastest route to success. SessionStack empowers you to improve conversion rate and ensure customer satisfaction, thus positioning your product as the main driver for growth.

A lightweight DXA platform with zero
performance impact on your applications

Web and Hybrid apps

For multiple-page or single-page apps, built in React, Angular, or any other JS framework. Iframes (same & cross-origin) and pop-ups too.

No performance impact

SessionStack is incredibly fast and lightweight. There is no impact on page loading and bandwidth. Learn more

User experience is unaffected

The sessionstack.js script captures all interactions on a page without affecting the look and feel of your app.

Easy Installation

With a single snippet in your web app. No instrumentation is required. You have full control over recording and target pages. Learn more

Private by default

You have full control to select pages and elements for recording. Secure data collection and storage in the EU. PII and sensitive data never leave the user’s browser.

In the Cloud or Self-hosted

The Cloud option optimizes your IT costs, scales automatically, and helps you start in minutes.

The Self-hosted solution gives you complete control over data privacy & security.
We’ll support the deployment process. Learn more

Integrates with your team's toolbox

Bring out your team’s potential with SessionStack.

See what SessionStackAI can do for your business