Conversion rate optimization
for e-commerce

AI-enhanced analytics for decision makers focused on revenue

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Start making sense
of your data

With the help of our proprietary machine learning models, we adopt an entirely new approach to data – instead of giving you thousands of sessions and dashboards to stare at, we give you actionable insights to help you optimize conversion rates by focusing on specific, high-impact conversion blockers. All you need to do is remove these conversion blockers and watch your revenue metrics bloom.

Build customer experiences that convert

Winning at customer experience will make or break e-commerce businesses, starting today (or was it yesterday?). You no longer need to monitor daily what your customers do in your store to learn what they want and what they need. All conversion opportunities and usage insights are there for you, served on an AI platter in our weekly reports.

Your team is surely hungry for ideas…

CRO made easy

Watching boring session recordings, building countless segments, designing funnels that need instrumentation… We know the pain. And we addressed it with SessionStackAI. A groundbreaking new way to consume analytics that doesn’t involve a team of analysts on payroll. Just ready-to-implement insights and tips. CRO can be simple.

Foster customer loyalty

Capitalizing on existing customers is a no-brainer as acquisition costs skyrocket. But to keep them happy visit after visit you need to stand apart from the crowd by providing an exceptional shopping experience. Learn how to craft customer journeys that are so smooth and simple that people purchase instantly and keep coming back for more. And recommend it to a friend.

A lightweight DXA platform with zero
performance impact on your applications

Web and Hybrid apps

For multiple-page or single-page apps, built in React, Angular, or any other JS framework. Iframes (same & cross-origin) and pop-ups too.

No performance impact

SessionStack is incredibly fast and lightweight. There is no impact on page loading and bandwidth. Learn more

User experience is unaffected

The sessionstack.js script captures all interactions on a page without affecting the look and feel of your app.

Easy Installation

With a single snippet in your web app. No instrumentation is required. You have full control over recording and target pages. Learn more

Private by default

You have full control to select pages and elements for recording. Secure data collection and storage in the EU. PII and sensitive data never leave the user’s browser.

Integrates with your team's toolbox

Bring out your team’s potential with SessionStack.

See what SessionStackAI can do for your business