Watch users run into errors.
Troubleshoot with ease.

Understand and replicate web app issues in no time.

Why choose SessionStack

Watch users live

Watch users stumble upon errors, bugs and glitches while browsing your app or website. This will help you understand and replicate the problem with ease.

Inspect error details

Collect data on JavaScript errors, failed network requests, DOM changes, debug messages, and more. Spot client and server errors at a glance.

Spot recurring issues

Immediately spot repetitive problems in your web app. Get alerts about errors even before users experience them.

Find specific user

Investigate problems related to a certain user and his device, browser and overall environment. Set custom logging and recording rules.

Install on any web app

No matter if it’s a complex setup with loads of dynamic pages or a single-page application, SessionStack just works.

On-premise or in the cloud

Deploy locally and store data in your privately controlled center or pay as you go with our flexible monthly subscriptions.