See your website issues
through your users’ eyes.

Real-time web page session record and replay
to easily spot user experience problems.

Why choose SessionStack

Watch users live

Understand how customers use your website in their browsers. Capture every user click, swipe, zoom as well as web page transitions, scrolling, window resize and so on.

Replay specific user actions

Replay specific user actions and detect UX problems early on. Mark down certain moments from a user session to analyze how a particular feature was used.

Inspect problem details

Register all events, exceptions and error messages that were fired during user sessions. See user info, session and browser info, and device params at the time the error occurred.

Light and easy

Setting up SessionStack is as simple as placing a JavaScript snippet into your web app or website. It’s so lightweight your network won’t even notice it.

Install on any web app

No matter if it’s a complex setup with loads of dynamic pages or a single-page application, SessionStack just works.

On-premise or in the cloud

Deploy locally and store data in your privately controlled environment or pay as you go with our flexible monthly subscriptions.