Explore the user journey
in pixel-perfect detail

With Session Recording and Session Replay, you have complete visibility of your users’ experiences. 

Thanks to AI, you can now easily spot friction points and opportunities for conversion rate optimization to increase purchase frequency and order value.

Session Recording & Session Replay
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What are the benefits of session replay?

Focus on important user interactions
within context

It is one thing to know that something happened - and a completely different thing to know why & how it happened. Explore UX issues in the context of real user interactions. You will see the entire session the way your user experienced your website, down to the last pixel.

Enhance your Customer Support processes

Instead of trying to reproduce issues over countless calls and chats with customers, you can now watch their session - live or recorded, see what happened and assist them more quickly and thoroughly. Less frustration for the customer, less time spent on issue resolution - what’s not to love?

Reveal areas of confusion &
boost conversion rates

With Session Replay, you can pinpoint the exact moments that your users find confusing (head scratches not included in the replay, though). Explore browsing patterns, drop-offs, and frustration signals within context to create a data-driven improvement strategy and fuel digital experiments that successfully deconstruct user behavior helping you reach your revenue goals faster.

Replicate & resolve bugs more easily

Don’t waste time trying to replicate a bug (or worse - trying to get the website visitor to describe what happened). Get that popcorn - watching sessions live can be fun (we promise)! You can spice up the movie night with segmentation, funnel analysis and error monitoring to get the full issue impact so you can prioritize better.

Session Recording & Session Replay
with SessionStackAI

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Session Recording & Session Replay
by SessionStack

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Use cases

Who can use session replay?

Gone are the days when session recording and session replay were the exclusive territory of developers and engineers. Today, product managers, customer success teams, support agents, UX designers, sales and marketing can all take advantage of the technology to better understand their customers. Watching the entire user journey, from the first touchpoint to being a product evangelist

Software Developers

Instant bug reproduction and user impact analysis for web apps
Learn more

C-suite, Marketing & Sales Teams

Arm decision-makers with insights to boost revenue

Customer Support
& Success Teams

See the real problem behind every support ticket
Learn more

Case Study: TechTour

Improving customer satisfaction and onboarding & enhancing product development
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A lightweight session replay tool
with zero impact on performance

Web and Hybrid apps

For multiple-page or single-page apps, built in React, Angular, or any other JS framework. Iframes (same & cross-origin) and pop-ups too.

No performance impact

SessionStack is incredibly fast and lightweight. There is no impact on page loading and bandwidth. Learn more

User experience is unaffected

The sessionstack.js script captures all interactions on a page without affecting the look and feel of your app.

Easy Installation

With a single snippet in your web app. No instrumentation is required. You have full control over recording and target pages. Learn more

Private by default

 In the cloud or on-premises session replay solutions. You have full control to select pages and elements for recording. Secure data collection and storage in the EU. PII and sensitive data never leave the user’s browser.

Integrates with:

Session Replay FAQ

Have any specific questions about how your business can use session recording & session replay to boost growth? Book a demo with us and we’ll show you!

Up until now, session replay aficionados needed to watch thousands of sessions to get to the valuable insights hidden within. Now, generative AI does it for us – it crunches up the session recording data, aggregates it into summaries, and delivers the insights, ready to be implemented.

Session Replay is a web analytics tool that helps product teams see the entire user journey the way the user sees it – with details such as mouse moves, clicks, scrolls, and others.

DevOps teams benefit from session replay by acquiring a holistic view of the user journey which can be shared within the team to increase the efficiency of bug reproduction and resolution processes.

Every time a website visitor interacts with your product, they cause Document Object Model (DOM) mutations. These mutations are captured with session recording to reproduce the entire context in which a user session is happening.

Session Replay can help product teams and Customer Experience teams gain a better understanding of the user journey. They can use these learnings on their website or mobile app  based on data rather than assumptions.

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