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*Sessions are stored for 30 days.
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Common Questions

What’s a user session?

A user’s activity in your web product/site is defined as a user session. It can include many pageviews as well as various errors and exceptions logged during the time they are interacting with your website/application.

Can I exclude IPs that I don’t want to monitor?

Sure thing. IP blocking is available with any of the paid subscription plans starting at $99/mo. Avoid skewing your data by excluding internal and bot traffic, or any other traffic you don’t want to monitor.

Can I record only sessions that throw errors or certain events?

Yes, you can! You can limit the number of sessions that SessionStack monitors for you to only track the ones that are important to you: for example, sessions that throw issues such as errors, warning, informational and debug messages. The ability to record and replay only the important to you sessions is a premium feature that’s available with any of the paid subscription plans.

Why is the “Monitor important sessions only” feature not available in the free plan?

Although you’ll only see the sessions that threw errors and exceptions in your project, as well as the ones that you deem important, SessionStack would still have to monitor and process all your web product/website user session volume in order to filter the important sessions only and make them available for you.

Can I exclude certain pages from being captured by SessionStack?

Yes. Page targeting is available with any of the paid subscription plans starting at $99/mo. Defining what to & not to record will help you be more efficient and productive.

How long do you keep user sessions?

User session history is stored for 30 days for hosted subscription plans. If you’d like to extend the period, get in touch. You can define the time period for which user sessions will be stored within the on-premises plan.

What happens if I exceed the limit for my plan?

SessionStack will stop recording user sessions in the event that the number of sessions assigned to your current plan have been used up. Rest assured though – we’ll be keeping your data intact. You can keep on replaying older sessions even though SessionStack will not be recording new ones at this point.

Once you upgrade your plan to the next tier, SessionStack will continue recording user sessions.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. If you’d like to use your American Express, please get in touch. We also accept payments with purchase orders and bank transfers.

Do you offer SessionStack on-premises?

Yes, you can deploy SessionStack to your local environment. Get in touch to discuss.

Can I change plans or cancel?

You can cancel anytime if you purchase a monthly plan. You will only be charged for the respective month you purchased. You commit for a year with the annual hosted pricing plan.

What’s the difference between annual, monthly and on-premises billing?

With the Monthly subscription you choose a hosted plan which gives you the freedom and flexibility to cancel anytime.

The Annual subscription gives you the ability to save 15% compared to paying monthly. You’ll be billed on a monthly basis yet you’ll be committing to a 12-month billing plan.

The On-premises plan gives you complete flexibility with regards to user data storage. Get in touch to discuss your specific billing requirements.

Would I get product updates with my plan?

Yes. Regardless of the subscription plan you choose, all hosted plans give you access to the latest and greatest SessionStack version. With the on-premises plan you’ll be getting all product updates that we release during the time you are a customer.

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