What is a Digital Experience
Insights (DXI) platform?

Advantages of DXI platforms over traditional product analytics

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Instant analytical value with tagless autocapture of data

Traditional analytics tools require instrumentation. You have to tag all you imagine as a successful user journey and get data only based on it. With tagless autocapture, DXI solutions are ready to measure every journey you may be interested in to prove a growth hypothesis.

Capable to answer complex user experience questions

Product analytics provide data on unsuccessful trials or failed purchases but can’t show why they’ve happened in the first place. The new DXI solutions combine quantitative and qualitative data to literally show you both the reasons and the scale behind missed growth opportunities.

Designed to improve conversion rate and product adoption

DXI platforms are focused on 1 thing – optimizing conversion rate at every stage and scale of your product. From analyzing a single user session through isolating segments of many and comparing their conversion progress in detailed funnels. DXI platforms provide a holistic workflow backed by actionable insights on how to improve conversion rates, thus ensuring better product adoption.

Cross-functional usage that boosts organizational efficiency

Product managers see the actual product usage with all the pain points and missed opportunities. Developers get instant bug reproduction and scale of the issues. Customer support directly collaborates with users in their sessions. No more tiresome customer communication and surveys. The whole team gets more efficient in growing their product.

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