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  • All Features
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Common Questions

What’s a user session?

A session starts once a user lands on a page within your product and ends whenever there is a period of user inactivity longer than 30 minutes. The session includes the user’s actions such as mouse clicks, keystrokes, scroll and navigation events across multiple browser tabs, along with a technical data snapshot at each browser state change, containing errors and network requests. In case the user revisits your product after a 30-min period of inactivity, their actions will be recorded as a new session. Learn more

Can I choose what pages SessionStack will be capturing?

Yes. Page targeting allows you to select what parts of your product to be recorded by SessionStack. Defining what to record will help you be more efficient and productive.

What is the data retention period?

For hosted (in the cloud) subscription plans, session history is stored for 30 days, after which older sessions get deleted. Get in touch if you’d like to extend your plan’s data retention period. For on-premises plans, you can define the period for which user sessions will be stored.

Do you offer monthly billing?

Yes, we do! All SessionStack’s hosted plans can be billed monthly. If you choose to pre-pay for an annual hosted plan, you will get a discount. The on-premises plans are available with annual subscription only.

Do you offer training and onboarding?

We’ll help your team get onboarded with SessionStack and start immediately reaping the benefits of our solution. Already a customer? Get in touch to set up a training session for your team.

Do you offer deployment assistance for the self-hosted plan?

We’ll provide recommendations and hands-on assistance when setting up your infrastructure and systems for deploying SessionStack to ensure optimal performance and resource utilization.

Premium support service

Guaranteed initial response time (Mon-Fri); email, live support and phone assistance support packages are available.

End-user data protection

End-users’ sensitive information never leaves their browser thanks to SessionStack’s ability to automatically mask passwords. You can choose to hide various page elements that support agents shouldn’t see such as bank accounts and credit card numbers.


Mitigate the risk of a security breach, while enabling support agents to work conveniently without imposing changes to their existing workflow.

GDPR, HIPAA compliance

SessionStack has built-in features that help you comply with GDPR, such as the ability to delete users and form captures, discard IP addresses, and let end-users opt-out of session recording. SessionStack’s data is encrypted in compliance with the Privacy Rule within HIPAA Title II. Plus, you can choose to process and store data on your own servers. Learn more