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Recreation of a pixel-perfect rendering of what the user sees at any point in time in your web app.

Pixel-perfect Session replay

Live session co-browsing & collaboration tools, Live session takeover. Learn more.

Unlimited Co-browsing & Live Collaboration

Analyze issues without the need for reproduction with the SessionStack browser console. Learn more.

Dev tools

A simple JavaScript snippet is used to collect all of your users' actions without any instrumentation. Learn more.

Tagless autocapture of client-side data

Create search criteria in the Segments dashboard and apply it to all of your past and future recordings for analysis.

Retroactive data history

Sensitive data & PII masking (images, videos, texts). No actual data leaves the browser of the user. Learn more.

Sensitive data handling

Visited URL, Clicked Element, Abandon Form & contextual filter On URL and other Session and User filters.

Basic filters of user events

Define search criteria and save it as a segment, examine user trends such as: count of users, total sessions, average session length, average session length per user, top 10 most clicked elements.

User segments and trends

Rage clicks, Dead clicks, Error clicks, Shown elements, and other frustration signals.

Advanced filters of user events

Rage Click chart, Coming soon: Dead Click chart, Error Click chart.

Advanced user segments and trends

Easy-to-setup Funnels for user flow analysis and conversion rate optimization. Learn more.

Instrumentation-free Funnels

Data export via REST API

Single Sign-on

Self-hosted deployment

Feature breakdown

Session Capture

Tagless autocapture of client-side data

Iframes & pop-ups session capture

User Identification

Session Replay

Pixel-perfect session replay

Session download

Share session recording

User segmentation & trends

Basic filters of user events

User segmentation and trends

Frustration signals (advanced filters)

Rage Click, Coming Soon: Dead Click, Error Click, and other frustration signals

Coming soon: Look for HTML elements with which users did not interact (no clicks).

Shown elements (advanced filter)

Advanced segmentation and trends

Funnels and funnel Insights

Instrumentation-free Funnels

Define event steps in a specific order and determine how many users go through this steps flow. Use session recordings to determine reasons for conversion/drop-off rate.

Segments comparison in a Funnel (soon)

DevTools for debugging

Network traffic monitoring

Browser console

Issue impact and user identification

Co-browse & Session Collaboration

Live session co-browsing

Live session collaboration tools

Live session takeover

Recording rules and customization

IP blocking

Target pages and elements

Custom triggers via API

Privacy and security

Block any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Learn more.

PII data masking

Block any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Learn more.

Sensitive data handling

No data from the URL, request headers, or response headers is sent to the SessionStack servers. Learn more.

Network data scrubing

User management

Single Sign-on

Tech support

Live chat or email support

Web call support

Dedicated support

Frequently asked questions

A session starts once a user lands on a page within your product and ends whenever there is a period of user inactivity longer than 30 minutes. The session includes the user’s actions such as mouse clicks, keystrokes, scroll and navigation events across multiple browser tabs, along with a technical data snapshot at each browser state change, containing errors and network requests. In case the user revisits your product after a 30-min period of inactivity, their actions will be recorded as a new session. Learn more

The free trial includes access to all the features currently available in our platform, regardless of the plan, along with 1000 sessions, available for 14 days period. If you need a personalized trial send us a request.

SessionStack works on all web or hybrid applications. Any multiple-page or single-page app, built on React, Angular, or any other JS framework. SessionStack covers same or cross-origin iframes & pop-ups too.

Yes. Page targeting allows you to select what parts of your product to be recorded by SessionStack. Defining what to record will help you be more efficient and productive. Learn more.

For hosted (in the cloud) subscription plans, all session history and analytical data are stored according to the plan, after which older sessions get deleted. Get in touch if you’d like to extend your plan’s data retention period. For on-premises plans, you can define the period for which user sessions will be stored.

Yes, we do. All SessionStack’s hosted plans can be billed monthly. If you choose to pre-pay for an annual hosted plan, you will get a discount. The on-premises plans are available with an annual subscription only.

You will receive notifications via email when you reach 50% and 90% of your sessions limit. Once you exceed your package SessionStack will stop the recording of any new sessions. To avoid blanc data periods you can upgrade your plan.

Guaranteed initial response time (Mon-Fri); email, live support, and phone assistance support packages are available. Dedicated support is available only for the self-hosted plan.

Yes, we do. In the Enterprise plan, there is an option to use SessionStack on-premises and have complete control over data privacy and security. Our dev team will support you through the deployment process. Contact us for more information.

We’ll help your team get onboarded with SessionStack and start immediately reaping the benefits of our solution. Already a customer? Get in touch to set up a training session for your team.

SessionSack masks by default any Personal identifiable information, such as passwords, payment methods, etc and it does not leave the user’s browser. You can automatically mask all input fields, chose to mask videos or images by their CSS class, or add a special CSS class to limit data capture. You can also limit network requests that SessionStack tracks. Learn more about how we manage sensitive data.

SessionStack has built-in features that help you comply with GDPR, such as the ability to delete users and form captures, discard IP addresses, and let end-users opt-out of session recording. SessionStack’s data is encrypted in compliance with the Privacy Rule within HIPAA Title II. Plus, you can choose to process and store data on your own servers. Learn more.

Easy setup. 14-day trial. No credit card required.