Live & On-Demand

Watch real-time the errors, bugs and glitches users run into. Coupled with server and client data logs, this user data streaming can help you resolve issues on the spot. Record your entire web app or choose to target certain pages. Collect data on:

  • DOM changes
  • Static files
  • Page reload & navigation
  • Window resize
  • Scrolling
  • JavaScript errors
  • Failed network requests
  • Console messages

Application Errors

Track your app’s health

Monitor and log data on important operational signs such as failed network requests along with their associated error messages, stack traces from JavaScript exceptions and server crashes, as well as browser console calls.

Log events and errors

Automatically register all events, exceptions and debug messages that were fired during user sessions. Expand errors to see session details, user environment, and device params along with the video recording at the time the error occurred. Get email alerts at a specific time.

Personalized Alerts

Easily filter out the noise: add rules to sound the alarm only if there’s a real problem. Get email alerts at a specific time. Soon you’ll be able to get notified directly in Slack or HipChat, or use our webhooks to receive alerts just about anywhere. You’ll also get alerted when a user’s actions match certain criteria – he’s spending time on your pricing page or maybe struggling with the UI.

Regressions & Trends

Use the Events and Errors dashboard to understand what’s going on at a glance. Filter out the noise: spot spiking problems and recurring issues. See how many times an error occurred and filter by severity level (info, debug, warn, error).

Custom Search

Leverage robust JavaScript and REST APIs to customize start/end of a session recording, track custom events, identify specific users, search your web app recordings, or record and log specific moments only. Quickly find the information you need to help you fix a problem.

Security comes first

Rest assured: your sensitive error reports and session data is stored safely. We use Amazon Web Services which provide data encryption with TLS across all services. SessionStack will automatically mask user passwords while recording sessions. You can choose to scrub any other sensitive data like credit card numbers and bank accounts.

Wire up any web app

SessionStack is friendly to any framework, platform or technology. No matter if it‘s a complex setup with loads of dynamic pages employing encrypted data, authentication, AJAX, JavaScript and what not, or a single-page application, we’ll record your user sessions and have them readily available for you.

No performance overload

The SessionStack script is edge-cached on a CDN, and minified. We employ the Google Analytics approach: we provide you with a small JS snippet that dynamically downloads the sessionstack.js script for you. Your web page gets evaluated before the download of the script starts.

End users won’t notice a thing

Your end users remain unaffected as SessionStack doesn’t really ‘record’ a video. The sessionstack.js script will capture and put together all interactions on a page like mouse clicks, window resizing, DOM mutations, and so on which will not impact in any way the look and feel of your web app.

Plug it into your workflow

Watch individual users interact with your web app. See errors, network request failures or simply UX problems and glitches through their eyes.

SessionStack + Analytics solutions

SessionStack + Error tracking tools

SessionStack + Help-desk platforms

Start using SessionStack

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