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Tech Tour provides business support services to entrepreneurs, investors, and governments with the intention of bringing them together to share best practices and knowledge. For 20 years, Tech Tour has been helping build a transparent network and community that is focused on identifying and supporting emergent technologies in Europe.

Currently, Tech Tour is among the largest investor-oriented networks in Europe that help entrepreneurs and investors throughout the whole journey of developing technology – from concept to valuation. Each year it holds up to 25 tech events. Over 2000 of the leading European high-tech companies apply to take part in these events, and over 750 investors are present.

Tech Tour Case Study


During the lockdowns that were necessitated by the pandemic, Tech Tour’s products changed. Since in-person events were not possible, the company decided to define new online products that still delivered the same high value for stakeholders.

In rolling out their online products, they had difficulties with clearly establishing where users struggled with the system. User feedback was frequently vague, while Tech Tour’s product development team could not understand how basic users navigated the different use cases.

Tech Tour was already using Yandex Metrica in their effort to understand user behavior better and see how they can improve user experience and satisfaction. But because of stakeholder concerns about how Yandex stores user data, Tech Tour decided to switch to an EU vendor.


Prior to testing SessionStack, the Tech Tour team also evaluated several other solutions such as Hotjar and Pixpecker. These did not provide the features which the team needed because they were more focused on marketing, website optimization, lead generation, and capture than on product development.

What the team needed instead was to effectively track user behavior across the platform in specific use cases (or workflows) and replay user sessions. SessionStack offered a wider variety of features to address this need, such as very flexible search and session segmentation capabilities.

This allowed Tech Tour to find those users and sessions that would enable them to understand typical user difficulties and work toward improving the usability of the platform in those instances.

Use cases included:

  • Customer support

Tech Tour’s customer support is mostly asynchronous. While the support service includes live chat, phone support, and video calls through Webex, Go-To-Meeting, Teams, or Zoom, 80% of the cases requiring support are through email.

The usual way in which a support scenario unfolds is that the staff will receive an email. Often the email will be vague in terms of describing the issue that users run into. At this point, the customer support staff will switch to SessionStack to search the user’s ID and check their session and behavior and understand what causes the issue. Based on the information derived from reviewing the session, support staff can then assist customers in making the most of the product and achieving their goals.

Alternatively, they may establish that the development team needs to have a look at the issue if a user’s difficulty is due to a bug. In that case, they can forward the issue to the development team to reproduce the user session in the demo environment to better establish the issue.

  • Customer onboarding and user experience analysis

Tech Tour’s teams also use SessionStack as part of their user experience and onboarding analysis.

The main use case in this area is that of tracking user behavior on existing functionalities. By monitoring behavior, the product team can draft change requests that improve user experience.

This same approach is also used in advance to developing major changes to the product. In those cases, user patterns are closely tracked in order to determine the potential impact of such changes. Repeatedly, this has led the Tech Tour team to reevaluate their idea and take a different course.
Finally, the searching and session review capability of SessionStack is also utilized to measure the usage of Tech Tour’s new functionalities.

SessionStack is critical in helping us improve user experience and satisfaction. Thanks to their product, we have reduced the time that is necessary for our team to resolve customer support issues. It is also central in helping us to plan and implement meaningful changes to our product.


SessionStack has become a service of critical importance for Tech Tour on which they rely greatly. It improves user experience and satisfaction by reducing the time that is necessary for the team to react to customer support issues and helps them implement meaningful and functional changes to their product.

In addition, using SessionStack has brought the following results to the company:

  • Improved ticket resolution rate – tickets are resolved faster and more effectively
  • Improved communication with customers – communication between support staff and customers is improved and misunderstandings are reduced because staff can easily understand user behavior
  • Greater customer satisfaction and loyalty – across the board, customers are happier with the service provided by Tech Tour and return to it repeatedly
  • Increased customer onboarding and success – Tech Tour’s onboarding rate has increased because they can run through user workflows and spot where to introduce improvements in the onboarding process
  • Detailed user journey analysis and optimization – analyzing the user journey on a scale helps introduce changes that are aligned with current usage and do not create significant disruptions in workflows
  • Better product quality and issue resolution – across the board, SessionStack has allowed Tech Tour to introduce meaningful changes that have improved their product’s quality as well as the ability to resolve issues more efficiently
    Increased engineering team productivity – by improving customer satisfaction and the efficiency of support staff through SessionStack, Tech Tour’s engineering team is freed up to devote more time on the improvement and development of the product than on debugging

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