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SketchDeck delivers fast, high-quality and efficient professional design service facilitated by a robust web platform. The company designs on request and at short notice everything from presentations to infographics, marketing emails, e-books, and even websites and apps.

Backed by Y Combinator, Matrix Partners, and other top venture capitalist companies, SketchDeck offers a new approach to delivering neat and expert design services that come with an up-front, transparent pricing too. What’s really innovative about SketchDeck’s offering is their ability to coordinate hundreds of concurrent projects: the technology behind their design platform leverages machine learning to assign the best designer for a project and figure out how long it should take.


Hundreds of companies have trusted SketchDeck to help them solve their design needs such as Microsoft, Okta, and Icertis.


SketchDeck’s powerful design platform clears the road for business expansion at a rapid pace as the team can effortlessly deliver high-quality, speedy services to a quickly growing number of users. Scale, however, inevitably leads to an increase in filed customer support requests and creates a pressing need for more support resource and quicker resolution times.

In addition, the increasing competition in the SaaS market defines the growing customer expectations for a quick turnaround and resolution of their issues. Companies strive to not just provide good customer support but an always positive customer experience in an attempt to stand out from the crowd.

The SketchDeck team felt they needed a better, more efficient way to reproduce and resolve customer problems to guarantee that their professional approach to design services extends to customer success too.

Often users struggle explaining the problem they are having or provide very little information. And we build features into our product to try and play detective and work out what happened to people or what went wrong but users have problems that we can’t work out”, said David Mack, Co-founder and CTO, SketchDeck. “For example, was the person connected to the internet or not, did they actually click the button they said they clicked… it can be hard to get a report from customers that can be of any use to the tech team.

Frequently problems were hard to diagnose and we ended up spending way too much time and resource trying to reproduce them, asking customers to help with the investigation. Now we use SessionStack to solve problems quickly. Users tell us they ran into an issue, we watch what really happened in SessionStack, and then we are able to fix the problem, or just advise the user what to do


David Mack

CTO and Co-founder at SketchDeck


The SketchDeck team decided to give SessionStack a try as the solution seemed to offer a much better perspective and insight in identifying the root cause of customer issues.

The team tried various conventional error tracking tools in an effort to improve issue resolution rates and speed up ticket turnaround time:

The tools we used before [implementing SessionStack] just didn’t provide the level of insight and data accuracy that we needed to achieve in order to perfect the UX and customer on-boarding of our server protection system”, added Boglarka Angalet. “Better yet, our engineering team started using SessionStack to track errors and help customers real-time which was another benefit for us


The entire customer support load falls on the shoulders of three team members. Since SketchDeck has started using SessionStack three years ago, the team has been using SessionStack on a daily basis to resolve customer issues and ensure customer success throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.


In just 3-months’ time, the SketchDeck team has managed to improve the customer issue resolution rate and is now able to close the client-support communication loop faster. SessionStack has helped them:

  • Offer superior customer support to match SketchDeck’s professional design services. The ability to see at a glance exactly what the customer experienced helps the team report and address issues more efficiently, speeding up ticket response time and improving customer stickiness with the SketchDeck platform.
  • Re-allocate resources for new feature development. The SketchDeck team can shift its efforts to more important product development tasks rather than wasting time and resource on finding, replicating and resolving issues.

“SessionStack helps us replicate all kind of problems users run into with confidence and efficiency rather than asking customers to collaborate in order to solve their problem”, said David Mack, Co-founder and CTO, SketchDeck.

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