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Background is a startup studio that builds SaaS solutions for UX optimization targeted at e-marketers, product owners, and UX designers who want to measure, understand and improve their product usability. One of their flagship products, Pagescreen, helps businesses keep up with the competition by offering a website updates monitoring service.

With user experience being part of the startup’s DNA, attention, and commitment to offering premium quality, glitch-and-error-free services comes as no surprise.

“Quality & reliability are top priorities for us”, says Paul Leprevost, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of

The challenge

Just like most tech companies out there, struggles with finding and reproducing bugs on a daily basis. While most of them are detected and fixed during the development & QA phases, some bugs are only encountered by their customers.

“What’s specific to our case is the context we work in: we are simultaneously building, launching & iterating several products in a short timeframe and with a very limited team”, adds Paul. “We (are willing to) go to extremes only to maximize engineer productivity and efficiency.” has been using Sentry to capture and log client and server errors, taking advantage of their integration with Slack to keep up the team up-to-date. While Sentry has been instrumental in registering and classifying client and server issues, there were still cases in which they needed the complete context to reproduce the issue.

A SessionStack video of a specific error logged in Sentry.

Operating in a highly-regulated and standards-driven industry, Mend needs to ensure their patient engagement platform is fully compliant with federal, state, and local laws within the United States as well as in other countries in which Mend operates.

Mend’s eHealth communication platform is used by various medical practices and patients alike, and therefore needs to provide quick resolution of issues caused by obsolete operating systems, deprecated browser versions, and poor internet connections.

To that end, a significant challenge for the team was finding, replicating, and fixing bugs and usability issues that customers experienced. The complexity and scope of the browser/OS/network/device matrix made diagnosing and solving such problems a daunting task for a team with limited resources.

"We needed a way to see exactly what a user did to run into a problem. Things get even more complicated as we also have to comply with HIPAA, which requires that we either store all customer data in our own systems, or sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with a service provider, to ensure that they are contractually obligated to meet the same standards for the privacy and security of health care data as we do." - Dr. Craig Finch, Chief Information and Compliance Officer at Mend

The Solution

To understand and analyze the user behavior that led to an error and to see exactly how client and server issues occurred, started using SessionStack.

“Sentry is our central repository and main reference when it comes to issues, yet we wanted to also leverage SessionStack’s ability to recreate a pixel-perfect video of the user behavior “, recalls Paul.

The Sentry and SessionStack teams rolled up their sleeves to launch a native SessionStack plugin that offers Sentry users the option to see a visual recreation of user actions for every single issue directly integrated in the Sentry issue dashboard.

“That’s how Sentry’s integration with SessionStack became the key piece in our bug management cycle.”, reiterates Paul. “They (Sentry and SessionStack) provided the scope and level of detail that we needed and helped us maximize developer productivity and efficiency big time”.

"To fix a bug that passed through the QA net, you’d need to be able to reproduce it first. Reproducing a bug is not an easy task since it can be very user-specific (OS platform, browser, version, configuration, etc.). With the new Sentry – SessionStack integration, we can replay a session for a given client bug right from the Sentry interface. It’s simple and efficient. The player automatically jumps to the point of “impact”, when the bug is about to occur." - Wilfried Durand, CEO at


Sentry is the mission control center for collecting bug reports for client and server errors. They use Sentry to detect, store, and sort bugs and regressions. As soon as they have a client-side bug with an associated SessionStack session, they are able to “really” see what happened and replicate the unexpected behavior. This allows them to categorize an issue very quickly and is greatly helping troubleshooting and problem resolving. Both Sentry and SessionStack are used in their production environment where the tools can reach their full potential.

“Wilfried and I are using Sentry and SessionStack on a daily basis. It’s bringing us a lot of value. Now we can see the issue happening right from the user’s eyes. On top, the new SessionStack player allows us to navigate and filter the timeline steps to detect any previous action that could have led to the bug.”, says Paul. “It has drastically increased our bug reproducing and fixing speed.”

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