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Metrilo offers a powerful all-in-one solution for instant analytics, CRM, and email marketing automation exclusively focused on the eCommerce market. Built with ease of use and data accuracy in mind, Metrilo combines three essential marketing solutions in a single platform:

  • Actionable eCommerce analytics to help organizations understand buyer acquisition channels, revenue streams, and customer loyalty patterns
  • Data-driven email marketing automation to engage customers on a repeated basis, minimize cart abandonment, and drive sales
  • eCommerce CRM to help log customer profiles and automatically track buyer behavior

Metrilo has been using SessionStack for its eCommerce marketing platform for the last 3 years.


Metrilo’s one-stop-shop solution for instant analytics, CRM, and email marketing automation


Advancing in the congested and highly-competitive industry of data analytics solutions, the Metrilo team has chosen to focus on providing a comprehensive yet easy-to-use marketing analytics solution to eCommerce stores. The latter demand rock-solid, real-time data on cart abandonment rates, orders per customer, conversion rates by device, average order value and so on, a load of metrics to help businesses make data-driven decisions, quickly.

The team at Metrilo has the uneasy task to provide a platform that accommodates a large number of readymade report views, as well as the ability to quickly slice and dice important data real-time, while still keeping the product easy to get started with. In an industry where users get discouraged right from the start by trying to wrap their minds around heavy, feature-cluttered data analytics solutions, the Metrilo team is aiming to stand out from the crowd by providing an excellent user experience and outstanding customer support.

In this regard, understanding how eCommerce organizations use the Metrilo all-in-one Marketing platform, and ensuring their successful on-boarding presented a serious challenge to the Metrilo team. A robust marketing data analytics solution, the platform offers a multitude of entry points and user journey paths to the customer making it difficult for the Metrilo team to guarantee success when getting started with the product.

We needed a way to watch and analyze the various paths users took to explore our platform. Obviously, some of those [user journey paths] worked better than others when it came to getting started with the product but we couldn’t tell which ones we needed to focus on.


Murry Ivanoff

CEO at Metrilo


The Metrilo team decided to give SessionStack a try, as the solution provided the necessary functionality to analyze user behavior and the effect of each Platform feature on user experience and customer on-boarding.

Initially, we decided to give SessionStack a go because we wanted to see how our users find their way in the Metrilo Platform”, remembered Murry Ivanoff. “During the evaluation process (which by the way was very smooth, the SessionStack team was responsive and assistance was always adequate and timely!) we realized we could leverage SessionStack to also resolve customer issues, faster. The specifics of the market we operate in are such that customers require immediate resolution of the issues or problems they have encountered as their business might be dependent on it – they need to know critical areas such as shopping carts, payment methods, and so on, work as expected, added Murry.


Since implementing SessionStack, the Metrilo sales and support teams have been using it on a daily basis to perfect user experience and solve customer support issues quickly.

Not only does SessionStack help us determine the exact user journey customers take to explore the Platform, it allows us to confidently resolve problems our customers run into when using the product. These issues could be defects in our Platform or UI/UX elements that people find confusing. Watching user sessions is now an important part of the process that customer success and support reps follow.

A session replay in SessionStack helps the Metrilo team analyze user behavior real-time: they get every single user action, event or error that happened in the user browser in the timeline to the left.

Nine months later, the Metrilo’s team continues to reap the benefits from leveraging SessionStack on a daily basis:

  • Offering a superior customer onboarding experience is not just a nice-to-have in the overcrowded marketing data analytics space – it can be a real competitive advantage. The ability to watch users’ journey from the get-go helps the team perfect the Platform in terms of ease of use and intuitiveness. Features that not too many marketing automation solutions can brag about!
  • Providing blazing-fast customer service to eCommerce companies when business-critical decisions need to be taken fast, helps the Metrilo support team significantly improve customer loyalty and prolong customer lifetime. The ability to watch sessions live allows them to document issues more accurately and help users real-time, speeding up support turnaround times and increasing customer satisfaction levels.

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