Bulpros’ Staffico HR system accelerates issue resolution with SessionStack

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BULPROS is an innovative global IT services and solutions company with a focus on Enterprise Collaboration, Cloud, Big Data and IoT, Enterprise Mobility, and Outsourcing. BULPROS has more than 950 employees and offices in the USА, Germany, Poland, and Bulgaria. Among the customers and partners of BULPROS are Fortune 500 IT companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Unisys, VMware, Siemens, T-Systems, SAP, Hortonworks, Oracle, Red Hat.

BULPROS’ Staffico is a SaaS HR Applicant Tracking System that provides a user-friendly environment for automation and standardization of recruitment activities throughout small and mid-sized in-house HR departments and recruitment agencies alike.

BULPROS have been using SessionStack for its Staffico platform for more than a year.


As a SaaS platform, Staffico is used daily by hundreds of recruiters across various devices and browsers. Staffico’s development team works full-time on enhancing and supporting the product. Limited in resources, the team realized it was critical to find a way to speed up bug reporting and hence reduce the amount of time spent on support.

The team already had automated bug reporting in place however it needed a better way to streamline reports and close the communication loop faster so that developers could focus on building new Staffico functionality rather than spending 80% of their time reproducing defects.

"Staffico’s end-users [recruitment specialists] generally lack technical skills. They’ve been very helpful reporting issues but due to report inaccuracies, the user-developer communication overhead was going out of control wasting both recruiters’ time and development resources. We had to find a way to improve the quality of bug reports and the speed to reproduce the problems or we were running the risk of dedicating all our dev resources to handling support issues." - Emil Simeonov, Head of Information Management at BULPROS


The Staffico development team decided to give SessionStack a try.

"The SessionStack team turned out to be very passionate about what they do and quite competent in solving our needs too”, said Emil Simeonov. “They provided professional support and assistance, and integrating SessionStack with Staffico was a breeze. Using the SessionStack rich JavaScript API we managed to implement a lightweight ‘problem-reporting’ UI around the SessionStack tool. This way we geared up recruiters with a tool to record and report the errors they come across when using Staffico. SessionStack saved us a ton of time resolving defects."


Since the integration, the Staffico development team has been using SessionStack as a very handy upgrade to their bug reporting ticketing system. Support tickets are being automatically created as soon as Staffico users record and submit a video bug report.

Clicking the "Leave feedback" button opens up a dialoge box which promps the user to record his actions.

“When it comes to tech support and reproducing problems, SessionStack does all the heavy-lifting for us at a very reasonable price. The tool immediately added value to our business by improving product quality faster and allowing our team to focus on building new features instead”, said а Staffico dev. team member. „On top of it, the team behind SessionStack has been very helpful: they take customer success seriously, and have managed to answer all the questions that we had in a timely manner”.

The Staffico team finds that SessionStack has helped gain benefits in two important aspects:

  • A collaborative approach to issue reporting — recruitment specialists can easily record defects and submit them with a single click, which significantly reduces the effort on end-users’ side and encourages their participation in the process of finding and reporting issues.
  • Better focus of the development resource and quicker time-to-market – with SessionStack developers can watch a recording of what happened in the user browser which helps resolve defects much faster and eliminates lengthy back and forth discussions with end-users. This way they can spend more time building new functionality rather than supporting the existing system only.

“Resolving defects in Staffico is now much faster and requires less effort. With the expert help of the SessionStack team, we managed to seamlessly integrate the SessionStack problem reporting solution with Staffico in no time. This way we enabled recruitment teams to record and report any error or issue they were running into when using the web app. Our support engineers and developers don’t need to go into lengthy conversations with customers to understand the problems they experienced.”

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Bulpros’ Staffico HR system accelerates issue resolution with SessionStack
Bulpros’ Staffico HR system accelerates issue resolution with SessionStack
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Bulpros enabled their end users to proactively report errors they run into when browsing. SessionStack saved them a ton of time resolving defects and facilitated a collaborative approach to issue reporting.

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