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BitNinja is a cyber-security startup that provides an all-in-one server security protection suite to save users from cyber-crime worldwide. With more than 15 years of web hosting experience behind their back, the BitNinja team understands well the pain and effort behind a continuous protection against an ever-growing number and variety of cyber-attacks.

Combining full-scope protection against XSS, DDoS, malware, scans, script injection, enumeration, brute force and other automated attacks, servers that run the BitNinja full-stack protection suite leverage machine learning to inform each other about malicious IPs which results in a global defense network that gets more powerful and robust with every captured attack.

Protecting over 3,000 Linux web servers, BitNinja helps web hosting providers and digital agencies struggling with hacked websites focus on their business.


Striving to be at the forefront of cyber-security by providing an exhaustive list of server protections, the BitNinja suite incorporates an ever-increasing range of modules and features. While enhancing and maturing the suite helps the team confidently respond to the needs of a larger pool of potential users, the growing product complexity inevitably poses a number of questions to product and marketing management:

  • Do we manage to successfully on-board new users?
  • Is adding more features/modules affecting user behavior and experience in the BitNinja suite?
  • How can we receive ongoing user behavior insights to perfect UX design and customer experience?
  • How can we quickly analyze the impact of a newly-released functionality on user behavior/adoption?

At that point, a BitNinja’s partner recommended that the team tried SessionStack as the latter provided 100% accuracy and a greater insight into how a web product is used.

We were looking for a solution to provide an in-depth insight into our user experience design and to build a good user feedback loop to our product team about the success of new product updates”, said Boglarka Angalet, CMO at BitNinja. “A tool that can offer an accurate, reliable and detailed picture of customer on-boarding and user behavior inside the BitNinja suite.

The tools we used before [implementing SessionStack] just didn’t provide the level of insight and data accuracy that we needed to achieve in order to perfect the UX and customer on-boarding of our server protection system. Better yet, our engineering team started using SessionStack to track errors and help customers real-time which was another benefit for us.

Boglarka Angalet

CMO at BitNinja


Easy to implement and get started with, SessionStack did not impose any difficulties to the BitNinja team during their on-boarding period — the process was smooth and intuitive, and they hardly needed any help from the SessionStack team. BitNinja saw immediate value in SessionStack and have been using it ever since.

The BitNinja team found these SessionStack features to be particularly useful and helpful when taking the decision to continue with the solution:

  • Issue reporting and resolution got really fast thanks to receiving all critical issues by email, allowing for quick and timely reaction
  • Analyzing user behavior that led to an error helped BitNinja perfect their system UX and experience
  • User session filtering options made session management really effective and enjoyable
  • Out-of-the-box hooks to various solutions such as live chat, error tracking, and analytics tools also played an important role in taking the decision to continue with SessionStack.

The tools we used before [implementing SessionStack] just didn’t provide the level of insight and data accuracy that we needed to achieve in order to perfect the UX and customer on-boarding of our server protection system”, added Boglarka Angalet. “Better yet, our engineering team started using SessionStack to track errors and help customers real-time which was another benefit for us


Since the integration, the Staffico development team has been using SessionStack as a very handy upgrade to their bug reporting ticketing system. Support tickets are being automatically created as soon as Staffico users record and submit a video bug report.

Devs use SessionStack on a daily basis to ensure problem-free experience for the BitNinja users.

Since implementing SessionStack, five out of the 11 BitNinja team members use SessionStack on a regular basis. The 5-member cross-functional team is employing SessionStack to accomplish different goals:

  • Engineers use SessionStack on a daily basis to track errors and monitor critical issues that users might be running into
  • Product and marketing experts leverage SessionStack to analyze user behavior and the effect of new features on UX, customer on-boarding and stickiness after each product release
  • SessionStack is also being used by developers to help resolve customer support issues whenever such occur

With SessionStack, the BitNinja team has managed to refine their one-stop-shop server protection suite achieving better customer on-boarding and product stickiness, and has gained a much better understanding of how product releases affect user behavior:

  • Product releases now launch new functionality that the team is confident customers will love and know how to use.
  • User experience design and decision-making employ a proactive rather than reactive approach to eliminating weak links in the user journey, specifically when it comes to customer on-boarding.
  • Issue reproduction and reporting are much faster and reliable thanks to the email notifications the team is taking advantage of.
  • Customer success and satisfaction: The BitNinja team developed new functionality based on the results of SessionStack reports, which significantly improved on-boarding over time.
  • Support issue resolution rate soared as the team saves time on feedback loops, immediately jumping to error sessions to investigate and reproduce a problem and then quickly fix it.

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