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Find out more from our case studies and customers’ feedback.

See how companies use SessionStack to analyse user experience, boost engagement, and drive product adoption.

SaaS Marketing
Learn how Bazaarvoice, a digital marketing platform, seamlessly migrated over 6,000 customers across 6 continents to a SSO accounts in just 3 weeks with SessionStack’s real-time sessions and playback capabilities. Read the case study

“We provide better customer support now. We use Intercom for many things, including in-app chat support. We have integrated Intercom and SessionStack so that we can watch the current session of the customer. It makes it much easier to resolve any issue quickly”.

will-lowrey Will Lowrey Director Product Management, Bazaarvoice
SaaS Design
Find out how SketchDeck’s on-demand professional design service ensures excellent customer support with SessionStack. Read the case study

“SessionStack helps us replicate all kind of problems users run into with confidence and efficiency rather than asking customers to collaborate in order to solve their problem”.

david-mack-sketchdesk David Mack Co-founder and CTO, SketchDeck

“With SessionStack, customer communication and support became real-time and more efficient. The tool’s ability to accurately reproduce the issues clients run into, is helping us resolve customer complaints at once”.

elad-hirsch-IDI Elad Hirsch Developer Team Lead, IDI Insurance

“Resolving defects is now much faster and requires less effort. Our developers don’t need to go into lengthy conversations with customers to understand the problems they experienced”.

emil-simeonov-bulpros Emil Simeonov Head of Information Management, BULPROS

“We use SessionStack to understand the real problems our customers run into. Thanks to SessionStack, we’ve improved significantly the user experience of our website”.

antonio-acevedo-delsuper Antonio Acevedo Software Engineer, DelSuper

“Reproducing a bug is not an easy task. With the Sentry + SessionStack integration, we can simply replay a session for a given client-side or server-side bug right from the point of impact without leaving the Sentry interface.”

wilfried-durand-onvey Wilfried Durand CEO, Onvey.io

“SessionStack offers an accurate, reliable and detailed picture of customer on-boarding and user behavior inside the BitNinja suite. It helped us build a feedback channel to our product team about the success of new features.”

boglarka-bitninja Boglarka Angalet CMO, BitNinja.io

“Getting to know how users interact with the product real-time not only helped proactively fix bugs but it also boosted incremental improvements in the product. “

hemant-kumar-wtb Hemant Kumar Co-founder and CEO, WhatTheBus
Learn how Mend use SessionStack in a HIPAA-compliant healthcare environment to diagnose, document and address issues that their customers experience. Read the case study

“SessionStack helps us troubleshoot tech support issues faster and gather real user data to improve our product instead of relying on gut feeling and risky assumptions”.

matt-mcbride-mend Matt McBride CEO, Mend
Bulpros enabled their end users to proactively report errors they run into when browsing. SessionStack saved them a ton of time resolving defects and facilitated a collaborative approach to issue reporting. Read the case study
eCommerce data analytics
Learn how Metrilo’s eCommerce marketing platform fosters customer success by analyzing user behavior and the effect of new features on UX and customer on-boarding. Read the case study
SaaS Cybersecurity
See how BitNinja’s full-stack server security suite boosts customer on-boarding and experience with SessionStack. Read the case study
SaaS UX and Design
The UX-focused startup improved the reliability of reproducing errors by combining the power of error tracking with accurate session replay with Sentry and SessionStack. Read the case study
Construction Software
See how Projul, an all-in-one construction management software solution, successfully cut support resolution time in half, enhanced customer satisfaction, and gained team efficiencies with SessionStack. Read the case study

“Our goal is to offer the best customer service in the industry. Providing quality and timely support on both desktop and mobile was not an easy goal to achieve. In SessionStack, we found a solution that allows us to see customer issues and get them resolved quickly”.

justin-grimm Justin Grimm VP of Quality Assurance, Projul

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