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Help your customers discover the best of your product

Facilitate Customer Support and Customer Success operations through real-time, collaborative browsing. With co-browsing, you can enhance adoption, assist conversion, and guide customers to success in real time. 

Co-browsing & Session Collaboration

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What are the benefits of
a co-browsing solution?

Improve first-touch resolution rates
& reduce handling times

Help your Customer Support team help your customers. With co-browsing tools, ticket resolution becomes easier and more straightforward by bypassing misunderstanding - both for the CS agent and the user. No need for lengthy back-and-forth conversations or installation of screen-sharing solutions that pose security concerns. Fewer support touchpoints = happier customers.

Wide use across industries and roles

Banking, financial services, insurance services, SaaS businesses, hospitality businesses, and many more can benefit from co-browsing software in their daily operations. Live sessions can be used to personalize interactions in real time and help customers progress along the pipeline in a more efficient way. Sales teams can shorten the sales lifecycle, increase upselling and reduce drop-off, while Customer Support can reduce call times and improve the customer experience.

Boost conversion, adoption, and activation

Guide your customers through conversion, onboarding, and activation - even within the most complex UIs. Help them discover and use your product or service and ensure they get continuous value. Turning users into loyal customers and even brand evangelists is the best way to make the most of your acquisition efforts. Co-browsing software can do what shop assistants do in real life - showcase different parts of your product, explore different solutions together, and assist with the purchase.

Enhance user experience with an
out-of-the-box solution

Downloading third-party solutions can be clunky. With co-browsing, there is no need to download and install anything. Initiating a co-browsing session is intuitive and does not interrupt the communication process - it complements it organically. Adding an element of visual engagement can significantly enhance user experiences and speed up customer service processes.

Collaborative Browsing
by SessionStack

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Collabrative Browsing
by SessionStack

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Use cases

Who can use Co-browsing?

Co-browsing is often an Aha! moment during our demos, no matter the industry, no matter the specific needs of the lead. It's the one thing that can be applied in every organization that values customer engagement and satisfaction. Session collaboration can also be an ingenious way for Customer Success teams to boost the adoption of product with complex UIs - and to cut the time needed for staff training.

Software Developers

Instant bug reproduction and user impact analysis for web apps
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Product Managers

Arm your product team with data to achieve product-led growth.
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Customer Support & Success

See the real problem behind every support ticket
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Case Study: Projul

Improving the overall ticket resolution rate & enhancing customer satisfaction
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A lightweight co-browsing tool
with zero impact on performance

Web and Hybrid apps

For multiple-page or single-page apps, built in React, Angular, or any other JS framework. Iframes (same & cross-origin) and pop-ups too.

No performance impact

SessionStack is incredibly fast and lightweight. There is no impact on page loading and bandwidth. Learn more

User experience is unaffected

The sessionstack.js script captures all interactions on a page without affecting the look and feel of your app.

Easy Installation

With a single snippet in your web app. No instrumentation is required. You have full control over recording and target pages. Learn more

Private by default

With co-browsing solutions, support agents don’t have access to the user’s computer – only to the specific browser or web app. Session takeover is granted only upon user permission. Secure data collection, data masking, and storage in the EU. PII and sensitive data never leave the user’s browser. On-premises deployment is also available for highly data-sensitive industries.

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Co-browsing FAQ

Have any specific questions about how your business can use co-browsing & live session collaboration to boost growth? Book a demo with us and we’ll show you!

Cobrowsing is a technology that helps businesses collaborate with users in real time within the same browser tab or app screen during ticket resolution and onboarding, commonly used in conjunction with live chats or calls.

Examples of co browsing include Customer Success agents pointing to (or even clicking) a specific element, highlighting text, or filling out a form to help the user achieve their desired outcome more quickly.

Co browsing is used to assist users in real time. Its function depends on the use case – Customer Success teams use it to resolve tickets more quickly, Product teams might use it to reproduce and resolve bugs, while Sales teams might use it during the conversion or onboarding process.

Co browsing is the safest technique to assist your users. Unlike screen sharing where users might accidentally share sensitive information outside of the specific web application, or remote desktop applications which pose significant security and privacy risks, co browsing gives the user absolute control over the situation.

Co-browsing tools are usually deployed via a code snippet which is added to the website’s (or app’s) code. They allow businesses to collaborate with users in real time without the need to download or install anything extra.

The main difference between screen sharing and cobrowsing is that cobrowsing solutions don’t require the user to download and install third-party software. Another difference is that with cobrowsing, the sharing is limited to the specific web application (not the entire screen).

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