SessionStackAI is Growing Stronger: a Peek into the Future of E-commerce

SessionStackAI is Growing Stronger: a Peek into the Future of E-commerce

Elena Doynova

Jan 4, 2024 • 3 min read

Discover the Future of E-commerce SessionStackAI is Growing Stronger

Remember the generative AI feature we launched *what seems like* a thousand years ago? SessionStackAI? Well, we’ve got some big news and we think you’ll love it if you’re in the e-commerce business! 

So, what was SessionStackAI again?

Since the first days of ChatGPT, we’ve been wondering and pondering one big question – how can we leverage the technology to build a better session replay platform? Turns out, we just needed to talk to our customers to discover a very painful point almost all of them had. 

How on earth are you supposed to watch the thousands of session recordings that SessionStack generates?

Even with the best segmentation, error reporting and funnel analysis, you’d have to be a magician to watch more than a few sessions a day. Let alone if you have a ton of other things on your plate…

So we came up with SessionStackAI. The feature was built to summarize each session’s events into a short paragraph that can be easily digested. But that wasn’t all. We also threw in the mix a few UX suggestions on how to address issues present in the specific session recording. 

That’s when it hit us – what if we could do the same at scale? 

Where is SessionStackAI today?

Glad you asked! We took our humble AI attempt and started building an entirely new offering around it! 

The new and improved SessionStackAI will be tailored to the needs of e-commerce businesses (more on that later) and will tackle the single and most important problem they face – how to optimize the customer journeys in their e-stores without wasting precious time deciphering complex qualitative and quantitative data. 

To put it in a nutshell, we will be delivering digital experience insights with ready-to-implement tips on how to improve conversion rates. Week after week, our customers’ e-stores will be able to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences – not watching sessions or building analytics dashboards.

We’re already partnering with several high-traffic e-commerce websites to make sure everything is working as expected (it is!) and are on our way to deploying a fully functional product offering based on our learnings.

How does it work?

It’s simple and it’s complex at the same time…

  • The simple part is our best-in-class session recording technology that we use to collect the data – every user interaction, JavaScript error, and browser state change is diligently recorded. 
  • But this time, instead of reproducing it into a session replay, we feed the interactions, context and all, into the proprietary machine learning models we are developing. Imagine this on a scale of thousands of sessions at a time and you will understand where the complexity arises!
  • The ML algorithms do their magic and give us the most impactful behavioral patterns they’ve detected – steps leading to abandoned carts, specific contexts in which payments fail, etc. 
  • Finally, SessionStackAI connects the dots between broken user experiences and conversion rate issues. And just like that, you have answers to questions such as:

What are the main reasons behind abandoned carts?

Why do some users drop off during the payment stage but others don’t?

How do we give our customers better product exploration experiences so that they initiate checkout in the first place?

When you have the answers, you can act swiftly to improve your store’s performance.

SessionStackAI is specifically being built as an AI-driven conversion rate optimization solution for e-commerce businesses – from website optimization to customer trust and loyalty. This industry-based approach helps us focus better our the product development process and deliver outstanding value. Our pilot customers are already validating the value we bring to their business so stay tuned for case studies coming soon!

What’s next?

Now that we have a strong direction in place, the SessionStack team is working day (and sometimes night) to bring the product to life within the platform itself. With this step, we will be able to deliver the SessionStackAI experience to a larger number of customers globally and truly impact how we shop online. 

We are dead set on helping e-commerce businesses turn every store visit into a sale. 

If you want to become part of this exciting new stage in the digital experience analytics space, contact us today 👉

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