The Latest SessionStack Release Includes Matching Sessions in Funnel Summary, First Seen/Last Seen & OR operator

The Latest SessionStack Release Includes Matching Sessions in Funnel Summary, First Seen/Last Seen & OR operator

Mariya Ivanova

Apr 6, 2023 • 3 min read

The Latest SessionStack Release Includes Matching Sessions in Funnel Summary, First Seen/Last Seen & OR operator

We are delighted to share some exciting updates with you this week that will improve your experience in the Funnels and Segments dashboard.

Matching Sessions in Funnel Summary

In our last product update back in February, we introduced Funnel Summary, which allows you to examine the list of converted and drop-off users with a few clicks. Now we’d like to present our new option ‘Only matching sessions’ on the user side panel. The feature is turned on by default and is available for funnels with the parameter ‘Within the same session’. The new feature significantly reduces the time spent finding the relevant user sessions and gives you more or less the same experience as in the Segments dashboard. Check the images below for more details. 

SessionStack Product Update: Matching Sessions
Funnel Summary – Toggle button ON/ OFF

New Filters: First Seen / Last Seen

With our latest delivery on production, we’ve come up with two new session-based filters in the Segments dashboard – ‘First Seen’ and ‘Last Seen’. 

First Seen filters your users based on the first date the person has been identified and a recorded session exists. Even if the user’s first recorded session is no longer available due to an expired retention period, the First Seen user attribute will remain unchanged, but you can no longer watch this session.

Last Seen filters your users based on their most recent behavior. This is not the start date and time of the user’s most recent available session, but it is instead the most recent timestamp of the user’s activity.

The new filters’ configuration is quite simple. Choose one of the two filters, or both, and then any of the radio buttons. When you click on the radio button, a date picker appears. 

First Seen and Last Seen added as Session Filters

On the user level, both attributes can be examined in the user side panel as shown below. 

First Seen and Last Seen in the User Side Panel

Why are the First Seen and the Last Seen filters important for you? 

You can figure out how active the users are by using both – First Seen and Last Seen. If your user was last seen (active) on your platform/website a long time ago, this is an indication of churn. If the First Seen and Last Seen values are close to each other, it suggests that you have a new user in your product, therefore appropriate onboarding support may be required.

OR Operator for Segments Filters

We’re taking a step further in our primary dashboard by introducing a new operator for the user and session-based filters. With the new OR operator, you can create more complex segments and have more flexibility in applied logic when creating user segments. You can also reduce the number of created segments by unifying some of the already existing segments. Consider the example described below. 

You’ve already made two segments. With one of the segments, you examine the users who are using Android devices, and with another – iOS devices. Ultimately the best case for you is to see all users in one segment: all users who are using Android devices OR iOS devices. Now with our new OR logic in user & session filters, this can be easily achieved by clicking on the OR operator shown right after the first value entered for the ‘OS’ session filter. When you click the button, a field for entering another value for the filter is brought to your attention. Define the new value and continue with the same filter using the OR operator if applicable to your use case. If not, click the ‘+’ button or the main one at the top of the screen to add a new filter. Thus, using the new logic operator, you can combine two segments into one. 

Adding OR operator for OS Session Filter

We hope you find these feature updates helpful. We’d love to hear your feedback 

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