Meet SessionStackAI: the Session Replay Capability We Knew You Needed

Meet SessionStackAI: the Session Replay Capability We Knew You Needed

Elena Doynova

Jul 12, 2023 • 3 min read

What if we said we took our (already amazing) session replay to the next level? It’s AI, you guessed it. But it’s the most natural artificial intelligence tool you can think of. Here’s how it works!

How it all started…

So, remember our pixel-perfect session replay? It’s that qualitative analytics tool that helps you walk in the shoes of your users and see where they run and where they stumble. To put it briefly, it’s a deconstructed version of the entire user experience rendered into a pixel-perfect replay. Replays resemble miniature videos you can watch whenever you need to fix a problem or understand the user journey better.

Except that sometimes, they’re not exactly miniature… 

Sometimes, users take really long journeys inside your product. We’re talking about hours here. And this is something we’ve been hearing a lot: ‘We don’t really want to invest in session replay because we don’t have time to watch the replays.’ So, when generative AI came around, it was a no-brainer for us to implement it into our product.

Here comes SessionStackAI!

The generative AI capability that will condense session replays into short summaries with UX tips you can digest in less than a minute.

Yes, even the hours-long sessions. With SessionStackAI, you can have complete visibility of your users’ experiences in less time. This means you can now focus on actually improving the user experience instead of staring at it. Not that it’s not useful, but hey – we’re living in quite a fast-paced world, right? 

That’s not all, though. SessionStackAI pairs the short summary of the user events in the session recording with recommendations on improving the user journey. These insights can give you a headstart on how to tackle usability issues. 

And you know that a better user journey translates to more conversions, sky-high engagement, and less churn, right?

How do you use it? 

The basic feature of SessionStackAI is currently available for all SessionStack customers. Simply select a session you want to inspect and click the big trippy button that says Get Summary. That’s it – in just a few seconds, you will have a short summary of the session, a list of the most important user events, and a few quick user experience optimization tips. 

To make the most of the tool, we suggest you segment your users first so you can pinpoint sessions that contain specific pages or errors you are interested in.


As with all our features, we’ve taken the necessary measures to protect user data and ensure the high levels of security and compliance that our customers need and expect. SessionStackAI is an optional feature and we will not use any session data for model training purposes unless you choose to use the feature (that is – until you generate the summary). If you choose to use the feature, all privacy controls that you have implemented, including data masking and data scrubbing, will be respected.

What’s to come?

That was just the beginning – here are a few clues of what’s to come (in no particular order):

Summaries of user segments and funnels

For this update, we’re imagining lots of use cases but most importantly, churn prevention. Just imagine if you could understand what churned users do before they churn: the exact steps, pages, and subtle behavioral cues. At scale. Or, if you’re experiencing a period of growth you’d want to double down on the efforts that bring the most value to your customers. You can analyze the segment of users who log in most often and get a summary of their demographics, their user habits, and preferred use cases. These ai-driven insights can then be translated into better marketing and sales materials.

Tailored summaries: roles and industries

We’d love to hear SessionStackAI speak the language of product owners, developers, customer success agents, e-commerce businesses, SaaS owners… You get it. We intend to tailor the generative output to your industry and role. So that when you get insights, they will be more useful and applicable to the struggles you face in your daily workflow.

Adding data from different sources

SessionStack collects an immense amount of data – both quantitative and qualitative. But in case this is not enough, we will be aiming to integrate our AI functionality with external tools and sources. 

While these updates may take us some time, we are extremely proud of the progress we’ve made so far – and are more than excited for the future!

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