9 Advantages of Adding Co-browsing to Your Live Chat

9 Advantages of Adding Co-browsing to Your Live Chat

Valeriya Yordanova

Aug 25, 2023 • 7 min read

9 Advantages of Adding Co-browsing to Your Live Chat

Customers love live chat. In fact, 75% prefer to chat with someone online and in real-time, rather than risk a lengthy phone call. And that’s not surprising – it’s fast, convenient, easily accessible, and already established as a standard channel for seeking support (it’s also a millennial thing, but don’t quote us on that). Many businesses are adopting live chat and leaving it at that while there are steps they can take to make the customer experience even better… Like co-browsing software. Let’s discuss nine reasons you should integrate it with your live chat platform – and stand apart from the crowd.

It’s non-negotiable – in 2023, companies should look for the technology to equip well-trained support agents to quickly find the context they need and answer user questions promptly, accurately, and completely.

What’s co-browsing and how does it work?

Collaborative browsing, or co-browsing, allows you to see and interact with your user’s screen instantly and in real time. Đžnce granted access, the support agent can literally see the problem, document it, and – if possible – solve it in one session. Magic, we told you.

The agent can not only guide users to achieve their goals but also take full control over their web browsers when necessary. The user doesn’t have to download, install, or configure any additional software.

An instance of co-browsing by SessionStack

We hear you asking, so let’s address this head-on: Is co-browsing software safe to use?

Yes, it’s private and secure as support agents have access only to the user’s browser tab (the specific session) and cannot view or interact with other info such as other browser tabs, folders, or their desktops. What’s more, sensitive data can be masked or scrubbed.

As co-browsing solutions are based on session recording, CS teams can share the recordings with other teams if needed, or revisit it when a similar customer question arises.

Adding a co-browsing tool to your support arsenal is essential to achieve these goals:

  • deliver instant and highly personalized answers
  • provide a better customer experience
  • increase support agent productivity
  • collect data to inform product decisions

Now let’s discuss the nine advantages of adding co-browsing to your live chat!

1/ Instantly gather context

When a customer opens up a chat, they expect immediate help. In fact, 79% of customers who prefer live chat said they did so because of the speed at which their questions are answered. However, oftentimes, it’s hard for the customer service agent to figure out what is going wrong on the other side of the screen. They lack context. As a result, most of the chat time is wasted in identifying the problem instead of assisting the customer which defies the purpose of choosing to chat in the first place…

With co-browsing tools, you can instantly gain access to your user’s screen with just a click of a button from their live chat platform. You’ll no longer waste time asking what went wrong, demanding screenshots, or asking users to download and install a screen sharing solution. Instead, you can see what happens and start working on the issue right away.

When a customer chats in the support agent can start a co-browsing session with just a click of a button right from their live chat platform. In the photo you see SessionStack integrated into Intercom’s live chat.

2/ Resolve the issue in one session

Once you’ve identified the issue, live chat in combination with co-browsing gives you the tools to solve it in one session thus improving your first-touch resolution rate.

  • You can not only view but also interact with the customer screen.
  • You can guide them through the necessary steps to fix their problem.
  • You can click, scroll, write or draw for them.
  • When necessary, you can take full control over their screen.

While setting up and configuring a third-party solution might take a few minutes to a tech-savvy person, it could turn out to be a tedious and time-consuming process for a non-tech user. A co-browsing solution is installed once (inside your own product) and the user doesn’t need to download or install anything to make it work. We bet you’ll agree this saves time and nerves on both ends…

3/ No more back-and-forth

Sometimes, an inquiry cannot be solved in one session or it turns out the customer issue is a bug that requires some engineering effort to resolve. In those cases, the support agent becomes a mediator between the user and the tech team — communicating back and forth till they gather all the details necessary for the tech team to solve the problem.

With the help of a co-browsing solution, you can save yourself the hassle. As mentioned, co-browsing solutions often record the browsing sessions and allow you to later forward them for further investigation to your tech support team.

With session replay, your support and product teams will be able to watch a pixel-perfect reproduction of everything that happened to the user. The tech team can easily reproduce the steps that led to it based not only on the events and error logs but also on complete user context.

4/ Increase customer satisfaction

Adding a co-browsing solution to your live chat platform will give your users the impeccable service they expect — their questions answered effectively with minimum effort from their side. As co-browsing requires no third-party downloads or installations, the support process is frictionless. All they have to do is click “Allow” when the agent requests access to their screen.

By offering live chat support in combination with co-browsing, you’ll be helping users more quickly without compromising on quality and raising your overall customer satisfaction score.

SessionStack’s Intercom Integration

Your customers don’t have to download or install any software. All they have to do is click “Allow” and your support agent will access their screen in a private and secure mode. In the photo below, you can see SessionStack integrated into Intercom’s live chat.

5/ Deliver better customer experiences

In times when many different products have identical features to address one and the same need, it’s not the price but the experiences companies provide that matter.

With live chat, you give your customers a way to reach you instantly. However, most customer chat experiences end with frustration. In fact, 83% of consumers have given up on a live chat due to frustration at slow responses or poor replies. Adding co-browsing to your live chat platform will enable agents to meet user expectations with personal, timely, and high-quality support.

At the end of the day, when it comes to making a purchase, people often find customer experience more important than price.

6/ Increase trial conversions

Live chat is a great way to connect with your customers and give them the confidence that your product is right for them. Messaging in real time allows your agents to explain how to get started with your product, often acting as a substitute for onboarding for important features. However, sometimes the user might require more specific assistance – it may be their inability to navigate the user interface but it also might be a bug. Investing in a co-browsing solution could provide the highest return on investment in such situations. With it, you can connect immediately to your user’s screen and instead of lecturing them how to use your application, you can guide the user through the experience which increases customer engagement and builds muscle memory.

Being available to help instantly improves the customer experience and builds trust. And the quality of the provided support is likely to determine whether or not your product will be purchased.

7/ Boost team productivity

Co-browsing is also helpful in increasing your team’s productivity and improving your customer support metrics. It eliminates everything that annoys both your users and agents (miscommunication, back-and-forth, and guesswork) and it will help you optimize the amount of time spent with a customer during a live chat. This will free up time and agents will be able to handle additional requests without getting burned out.

8/ Edge out the competition

Live chat is a channel that’s already established as a means for asking questions due to its convenience. However, due to its easy access, customers are now taking it for granted. Higher customer expectations increase the demands on your support team to unbelievable levels, even if we account for the influx of AI tools that alleviate some of the burden. This makes it harder for your company to stand out.
If your competitors don’t offer co-browsing or provide low-quality chat support, that gives you ample space to do it right and “steal” some business.

9/ Gather data to inform decisions

Ah, data… The modern-day currency.

One of the major benefits of providing support via live chat is all the data you can collect. Depending on your live chat platform, you would be able to store, organize and tag chats to filter them for review later. With co-browsing you can add one more layer of data — you can have access to all the technical information related to your user’s session (specific web page or app instance).

You can create a collection of data that informs not only your support team but also your product, sales, and marketing teams. For example, you can add tags for feature requests and bugs in your live chat and attach a user session recording that captures their user journey. This way you’ll be able to spot the places where your product needs updating or requires fixes.

SessionStack’s Console Panel

What’s more, unlike other visual engagement tools, a co-browser is secure and respects the privacy of the end user.

Live chat + Co-browsing = Support Success

Beyond providing fast responses and smooth customer experiences, this combo’s ability to increase productivity has the potential to substantially increase your customer satisfaction scores.

The result?

Faster growth, more revenue, and less churn.

Want to see how co-browsing will work for your business or contact center?

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