See your web app defects
through a user’s eyes

Crash reports won’t tell all.
Watch users live + record/replay.
Log client and server data.

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What is SessionStack?

Watch user sessions live

Or replay them on demand. Understand how customers use your web app in their browsers.

Inspect error details

Explore in-depth stack traces of JavaScript and server errors, details of failed network requests and debug messages.

Analyze trends

Immediately spot recurring problems in your product. Identify critical areas where your attention will be needed first.

Get notified

Add rules that will sound the alarm only if there’s a real problem with your web app. Get notified about errors before users experience them.

Search for specifics

Track down problems related to certain users, devices, releases, and environments. Craft custom logging and recording rules.

Why SessionStack?

Better than crash reports

Along with the log you get the user session recording to help you spot client and server errors at a glance. Replay or watch real-time.

Light as а feather

The SessionStack JavaScript snippet is edge-cached and minified. It’s so lightweight your network won’t even notice it.

Any web app

SessionStack is here to help no matter what framework you use. It works on Single-Page Apps too.

Close the loop faster

Why wait for issues to get escalated by end users and tech support when you can see & solve them instantly. Get things fixed. Go back to coding.

50 sessions per day. No credit card required!

Getting started: As easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Start SessionStack and set up your web app with a fiew clicks

Step 2

Paste the SessionStack snippet into the <head> tag of your web app

Step 3

Open up the SessionStack dashboard to view recorded sessions and reported issues

On-premises or in the Cloud?

We offer both. You choose what suits you best:

Worried about regulatory requirements? Deploy locally and store data in your privately controlled center.

Rather have the flexibility to adapt the plan to your needs? Pay as you go with our monthly subscriptions.

Plug and Play

Don’t sweat over integrations. We already did it for you.

Try for yourself

50 sessions per day. No credit card is required!