Fix bugs in your web apps by seeing what actually happened

SessionStack will visually recreate your issues the way they happened to your users.

Start using SessionStack
Explore all previously recorded and currently live sessions in your web app.
See the most recent and trending problems.
Replay recorded sessions or watch them live. See what is happening in the browser of your users.
Get notified for new events and errors via email.
Use the provided JavaScript and REST APIs for custom integrations between SessionStack and your product.
Reproducing bugs shouldn't be hard

Reproducing bugs shouldn't be hard

Developers shouldn’t ask users and QAs for screenshots and steps to reproduce bugs.

Easy to setup


Create Web App

Create a web app with a few clicks


Place Code

Get a small code snippet and place it into your page


See Results

Go to our dashboard and see the recorded sessions and captured issues

developers don't need to read only textual information


Use SessionStack hosted on our infrastructure

developers don't need to read only textual information


Or you can host SessionStack on your own server

Use with the tools you already know

SessionStack can easily be integrated with the tools you’re already using.